Naze Afro Mini and Naze 32 Flight Controllers


Setting up the Naze Afro mini and Naze32 flight controllers (basic)


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The Naze controllers

have earned an enviable reputation as the best single-board flight controllers on the market, especially for mini quadcopters and aerobatic multirotors.

This video shows the very basics of getting the Naze Afro mini and the Naze32 funfly or acro working.

Note: If you are a JR or Spektrum user, you will also have to type:

map TAER1234

into the CLI before saving. This command sets the channel order to match that used by your radios since the default is AETR, as used by Futaba, Hitec, FlySky, Turnigy and most other systems.

The Baseflight configurator Chrome browser app can be downloaded from here:…

Click here if you need a FrSky FDD-lite V2 FTDI adapter

or almost any, much cheaper, 3.3V FTDI adapter from eBay can be used instead…


FTDI Naze Mini

——- ————–
Gnd —- Gnd
Tx —– Rx
Rx —– Tx

FTDI drivers, if not provided with your adapter, can be found here: