Serious Must Have Quad Gear!



Out Enjoying Your FPV Flying…

and your tired of standing but not ready to quit for the day.  Here is the perfect answer!


Check this out!  You get the perfect

portable folding outdoor deluxe chair for quad flying

or the beach, park, tailgating or your deck.  (Note the multiple uses ; } )

It has ribbed padding 19-1/2 inch wide seat and backrest and can holds up to 350 pounds.  So you and all your gear can be in one neat place, or there abouts.


Need space to hold stuff and keep it off the ground?  This has a fold-out side table with expandable shelves that will hold books, tablet, camera, drinks, parts and quadcopter.  No need to wait, get it now!

Flying Quadcopters is hard work and so is being a spectator!  So the detachable insulated cooler can hold whatever your drinking and the detachable armrest with folding backpack strap system and electronics pocket can hold all your other gear that you can take off and carry with you.




And of course the weather is a very unpredictable mistress, so the two sturdy, built-in fabric loops on the back will secure an umbrella or choose to show your sports banner.


The portable chairs and canopy umbrellas come in four colors. The metal chair frame comes in red, black, green and blue.  The umbrellas are shown below.


They can tilt to block wind or sun or stand up straight over you.  Your choice.  They also come with a carrying bag/protective case.  This ultimate chair and umbrella is a investment worth worth making.


No need to be miserable in the hot sun or wet in the cold rain.   Keep all your gear within easy reach.  Now nothing to do but sit back and enjoy your flight time!  Until you crash…


Your iPad, laptop or phone starts to beep – battery low!

Don’t worry I have the perfect solution for that right here!

Bring your own power.